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Fashion craft show


The creative shape of the fabric is an art Many designers can make the fabric play amazinglyThe secondary design of the fabric is the fabric reconstruction project.Means design needsSecondary processing of finished fabrics Make it a new artistic effect It is an extension of designer's thinking and has unparalleled innovation. Giving clothing life is not only due to the special use of fabrics, but also the design and tailoring techniques have many subtle details. As a fabric re-creation method, which is often used to shape the three-dimensional sense of clothing and enrich the fabric texture, the decorative pleats are often favored by designers [...]

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The five popular colors of spring and summer of 2020 are newly released, all of them are fresh colors!


Recently, the authoritative trend forecasting agency WGSN released the popular colors of spring and summer 2020, which are: mint green, clear water blue, black currant purple, honeydew orange and ancient golden. The five bright future colors of this "freshly baked" are not only full of summer colors, but also refreshing and natural. Neo-Mint The mint green, symbolizing recovery and growth, is like a fresh color for spring and summer, fresh and comfortable. Mint green has a higher brightness, but the chroma is moderate, so in the color matching, select the basic color of the near-lightness chroma to match. If [...]

The five popular colors of spring and summer of 2020 are newly released, all of them are fresh colors!2019-08-07T08:45:00+00:00

Forever21 Is The Hottest Fashion Brand


Forever 21 , not only the hottest  fashion brand in USA ,but also an iconic fast fashion trademark ,becomes the most popular and most favorite clothing brand for young Americans  which has more than 500 chain stores all over the world . It is a big honor and fortune for us to be one supplier of Forever 21. During cooperating with her  5 years ,we had developed and manufactured series of women clothings adequately  ,including tops ,dresses ,bodysuits ,lingeries ,pants etc . We are a garment manufacturer which is committed to developing global clothings market ,as well as expanding diversified fashion [...]

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This Is A Story Of A Koi


This is a story of JIN FENG company, FASHIONNOVA is a clothing brand company that has been working with us for several years. When they first started cooperation with us in 2010, they had a lot of worries about our company. In order to let them trust and be assured, when we made samples of the clothes, we constantly pondered the problems that occurred in the analysis of the type, and strictly in accordance with the requirements. After continuous discussed the details, they finally trust us and have a long relationship with us. Up to now, we have thousands order quantity, even tens of thousands order quantity from them, [...]

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