The creative shape of the fabric is an art Many designers can make the fabric play amazinglyThe secondary design of the fabric is the fabric reconstruction project.Means design needsSecondary processing of finished fabrics Make it a new artistic effect It is an extension of designer’s thinking and has unparalleled innovation.

Giving clothing life is not only due to the special use of fabrics, but also the design and tailoring techniques have many subtle details.

As a fabric re-creation method, which is often used to shape the three-dimensional sense of clothing and enrich the fabric texture, the decorative pleats are often favored by designers and widely used in clothing products.

By adjusting complex and orderly pleating sequences According to the state of the fold Combining the softness of the fabric Fix the folds by.

Through the re-creation of the fabric, the possibility of numerous stereoscopic textures is extended, and the folds achieve the unique expressiveness and colorful decorative beauty of the garment by virtue of its own characteristics and diverse changes.